Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I download Moolah Mobile?

Visit your Google Play Store, and search for “Moolah Mobile.” Click “Install.” Once the app has finished installing, press your home button, and select the option to save Moolah Mobile as your new home-screen. That’s It!

2. How does Moolah Mobile work?

After users download the app, register and use your phone as normal. Ads will start to scroll across the top of your phone. Every time a you see an add, you will be rewarded with Moolah (M!). Moolah Mobile also has a built-in marketplace, where users can redeem their rewards for valuable products/services.

3. What kind of phone do I need?

All you need is an Android smartphone. If you have an android smartphone, you can start using Moolah Mobile today!

4. Will this change how my phone functions?

No. Moolah Mobile is here to enhance the features of your phone. Your phone will function normally, provide you with more features, a new look, and generate rewards for you to use in the Moolah Store.

5. How can I spend my Moolah(M!)?

Through the Moolah Marketplace, you can redeem your rewards for gift codes to places like: Amazon, Walmart, Target and more. You can also use your Moolah (M!) to pay your prepaid phone bill.

6. How do I receive my gift codes?

After you have selected the giftcodes you would like to receive, you will receive a confirmation email with the giftcode. To use your giftcode, you will need to visit the vendor website/store and enter your giftcode at check out.

7. More questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to email us at