Visit the Google Play Store, and search for “Moolah Mobile.” Once you find it and have selected it, Click “Install.” Once the app has finished installing, press the home button on your device. Then select the option to save Moolah Mobile as your new home-screen. Moolah Mobile will then load and become your new default Home Screen Launcher.

Simply install Moolah Mobile on your Android device and swipe left to register. Then use your phone as normal and you will see ads. When ads appear, you make Moolah Rewards Points. Those points are available to you by swiping left on your new home screen.

Any Android based device with Android 8 or higher is capable of running Moolah Mobile.

If you are having trouble logging into your account, click forgot password. This will allow us to send a SMS to your device to help you recover it.

You should receive your gift card within 30 days from when the order was placed. In certain cases Moolah Wireless may hold the dispersement of the Gift Card to ensure all transactions are valid.  

No. Your phone will function the same. Moolah Mobile simply changes the home screen launcher to include a built in wallet, marketplace and advertisement system.

You can spend your Moolah (M!) inside of the Moolah Marketplace found inside of your built in wallet. You can spend your Moolah (M!) on gift cards to your favorite stores, buying more minutes or data for your phone, or event donating it. Our marketplace is steadily growing so stay on the lookout for new vendors and products that you can purchase with your Moolah   (M!).

Your Moolah is stuck on 0 because your device is off-line and not on the moolah system. Don’t worry this happens sometimes when towers change. Simply restart your phone and sign into Moolah again. If this does not solve the problem, contact support at

To use your gift codes, press Gift Codes inside of the menu found in the wallet. Type in the code and that is it. 

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