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Add Style with Custom Home-Screens

Still paying hundreds of dollars for new phones that have little differences in the hardware from devices that are much cheaper? You’re Not Alone! Stop paying hundreds for new designs. Our revolutionary approach allows you to change your home-screen to fit your style… AND YOU GET PAID AS LONG AS IT IS RUNNING. 


On each home-screen, you will see basic display ads rotate periodically. Each time that an ad is shown, you earn 10% of what Moolah Mobile was paid from the advertisers. You are rewarded in the form of Moolah (M!) which can be spent in the Moolah Store immediately. It’s that simple! No clicking! No following links, No changes in how you use your phone!

If you are looking to earn more rewards off of your phone, you can access the MILLIONS of Moolah surveys that will pay you in real time for the completion of surveys. This will turn your phone into a new source of daily income.


Use your Moolah (M!) to top up pre-paid mobile accounts with carriers all around the world. In the Moolah Store simply type in your phone number in the Reloads section, choose the amount of Moolah (M!) that you would like to use and press pay. 


Wouldn’t it be great if your phone could pay for Domino’s, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Playstation, or Amazon? Moolah Mobile makes this easy. Simply use the Moolah Mobile app and spend your Moolah (M!) in the Moolah Store to get your gift cards to any store of your choice. 

Everyone Benefits

  • Phone Companies
  • Retailers / Restaurants / Gas Stations / Renters
  • Users

Pre-installing Moolah Mobile on your company's phones helps reduce churn and increase customer retention and acquisition by allowing customers to pay their phone bill with Moolah (M!). Users earn Moolah (M!) from simply using their phone each month. Moolah Mobile also allows you to partner and enroll your customers in an auto-pay system that ensure monthly returns on each user.

By accepting Moolah (M!), Moolah Mobile helps you become an innovator in your community by allowing your customers to have another way to spend, which will  help you to increase reach and revenue. Moolah Mobile also offers Moolah Pay where we provide you with upfront financing to change over your terminals and POS systems to accept Moolah (M!) in your store.

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Moolah Mobile allows you to earn up to $25+ worth of Moolah (M!) each month from using your phone like you already do. When you want more Moolah (M!), we allow you to take surveys to help you get the amount of Moolah (M!) that you desire. You can then save your Moolah (M!) or use it on paying your phone bill, donating it to various nonprofits, or spending it in the Moolah Store. 

Moolah Mobile

Moolah Mobile is a downloadable homescreen, digital wallet, and marketplace that rewards users just for using their phones. Moolah Mobile makes money from advertisers and shares a piece of their revenue with users through Moolah (M!). Moolah Mobile users can use their Moolah (M!) to pay their phone bill, purchase gift cards,  or even donate it.

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