The Top Revenue Generating Android Homescreen for Users & Telcos

How Moolah Mobile Works?

Use your phone as normal and earn each time an ad is seen. Watch your $$$ pile up in your Moolah wallet. Spend your earning on gift cards and more in the Moolah Marketplace.

Signup and earn 2000M! in welcome bonuses.

Earn Rewards You Actually Want

Earn E-Gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon, Startbucks, Walmart, Lowe’s, Playstation, Google Play, Dominoes, Nike, Target, Best buy, Chipotle, Delta. WE ALSO HAVE VISA & MASTERCARD GIFT CARDS.

Worried ads on your phone may get annoying?

Think again! Our ads on non-invasive and won’t change how you use your phone. We even give you full control of how many ads you want to see and how you want to interact with them.

What Moolah Mobile
Users Are Saying


It works like a charm but it does take a day to get a gift card or two to three day s to get a virtual visa gift card assuming that you use your phone alot.

Samuel Mckee

Moolah Mobile home-screen is wonderful app. That enables to start selling Ad space on my phone. I Use my earnings on gift cards and reduced phone bills. I Users even watch videos and complete special offers. I highly recommended this app.

Arthur Henry

Wow, I love this app, solving issue was quite fast though I almost gave up but I found it useful when the latest update was done… I really appreciate your effort to make this app the greatest that offer value.

Lo Loveth

The Mobile Wallet of the Future

Moolah Mobile connects the telco community to mobile wallets that enable access to cryptocurrencies around the world. STOP SPENDING YOUR OWN MONEY TO INVEST IN CRYPTO AND USE MOOLAH REWARDS INSTEAD!


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