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Surge Mobile offers consumer friendly devices across the United States. Surge has a unique phone that is powered completely by Moolah Mobile that allows you to earn Moolah (M!) as you use your phone. Surge enrolls customers in auto-pay so that your bill is automatically reduced using the Moolah (M!) earned from using your device.

Surge also offers a Bring-Your-Own-Device product that allows you to bring your device to Surge and purchase just the Surge Mobile Service. This requires you to download Moolah Mobile from the Google Play Store and “PAIR” the purchased Surge Sim with Moolah Mobile.

Moolah Mobile

Moolah Mobile is a downloadable homescreen, digital wallet, and marketplace that rewards users just for using their phones. Moolah Mobile makes money from advertisers and shares a piece of their revenue with users through Moolah (M!). Moolah Mobile users can use their Moolah (M!) to pay their phone bill, purchase gift cards,  or even donate it.

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