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The Home-Screen that best fits Your needs

The mobile market is filled with devices that cost hundreds of dollars that have little differences in the hardware to devices that are much cheaper. This means that you are paying primarily for interfaces that make your mobile experience better. Our revolutionary approach allows customers to change their interface as needed without changing their phone. Moolah Mobile allows you to choose the Home-Screen that best fits your needs.

Did we mention that you earn Moolah for using each home screen?

Each home-screen includes a non-invasive set location for a display ad. Each time that an ad is shown, you earn 10% of what Moolah was paid for showing that ad in real time. You are paid in the form of Moolah (M!) that can spend it in the Moolah Store immediately. It’s that simple, No clicking, No following links, No changes in how you use your phone.

If you are looking to make a bit more revenue off of the phone, you can access the MILLIONS of Mulaah surveys and offers that will pay you in real time for the completion of surveys. This will turn your phone into a new stream of income.


A new era of digital payments is needed to connect the billions of unbanked people using mobile devices to the billions of merchants looking to sell them goods and services. We have developed the first mobile payments ecosystem that allows you to earn revenue from simply using your phone as normal. You are able to store digital funds and spend them all from their smartphone – no banking account necessary.

Moolah Mobile is Growing Fast

Moolah Mobile is growing at a lightning pace due to the revolutionary business model that allows you to earn more than $25 USD in Moolah (M!) every month. Moolah Mobile Partners are able to enroll users in an Auto-Pay system that uses your Moolah (M!) to pay for useful services such as paying their Mobile Service Bill.

Everyone Benefits

  • MVNO / MNO / Lifeline
  • Retailers / Restaurants / Gas Stations / Renters
  • People

Moolah Mobile helps reduce churn and increase customer retention and acquisition by allowing your customers to top-up their phone with Moolah (M!) that they earn from simply using their phone each month. Moolah Mobile also allows you to partner and enroll your customers in an auto-pay system that ensure monthly returns on each user.

Moolah Mobile helps you become an innovator in your community by accepting Moolah (M!)  allowing your customers to have another way to spend helping you to increase reach and revenue. We also offer Moolah Pay where we provide you with upfront financing to change over your terminals and POS systems to accept Moolah in your store

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Moolah Mobile allows you to earn $5-25+ worth of Moolah (M!) each month from using your phone just as you already do. When you need more, we allow you take surveys and complete offers to help you get the amount of Moolah (M!) that you desire. You can then save your Moolah (M!) or spend it on paying your phone bill, donate it, or spend it at an ever-increasing number of local retailers.

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